Retail Transactions in the MOdern World

Shoplifting costs Europe retail billions! Goods worth 3.9 billion euros have disappeared here last year – almost one percent of total sales. Shoplifters caused more than half of the damage. According to the study, they stole goods worth 1.9 billion euros. Another 22.4 percent of inventory losses are attributable to criminal employees. Even suppliers or cleaners are long – they are charged 9.3 percent of thefts in retail. An offensive, recognizable and potentially deterrent safety equipment is therefore essential in the retail sector! Companies  provide maximum security for their company, their employees and their customers. Their product solutions are easy to install, easy to use and significantly superior in price-performance ratio to other providers.

How to monitor your salesrooms

The proceeds climbed in October adjusted for inflation by 1.9 percent to the previous month, as reported by the Federal Statistical Office. Economists had previously expected a rise of 1.5 percent (September: minus 2.8 percent). Compared to the same month of the previous year, revenues increased by 1.7 percent in October. Christmas sales, which are extremely important for retailers, include sales in November and December. The industry association HDE expects 2014 record revenues of 85.5 billion euros. That would be 1.2 percent more than the year before. Consumers’ money is loosening, mainly because of rising employment, rising wages and lower interest rates. (Editor €uro on Sunday)

Let’s face it – not everyone is a born salesman. It takes more than talent to convince the customer. Sales training courses and Internet platforms dedicated to training salespeople find golden rules for dealing with customers, which should directly contribute to customer satisfaction and thus to the success of your business. Talent or not – you should know these rules as a professional – but also your employees. We scoured the internet for the best tips and put them together for you. At the end of the text you can check yourself: Do you consider all the points in everyday sales?

Sell ​​more with simple communication rules

Admittedly, it is hardly possible to adhere to the above-mentioned rules always and in every situation. There are some customers who just do not care about the chemistry – you should not bend completely and your employees should not do that. Your business is geared to a specific audience that you should be comfortable with. The desired behaviors should, at best, come naturally – just as in any good relationship. However, the basic rules should make sellers in brick-and-mortar stores aware again and again and turn into flesh and blood. Then you have almost won, because you are consistently playing out the advantages of stationary retailing. They generate long-term satisfied customers, gain new ones through word of mouth, ensure higher sales in the long term, secure the jobs of your employees and the success of your business.

Incidentally, with a modern cash register system such as the LocaFox POS, you save a lot of time during the checkout and thus have more time to talk to your customers. Inform yourself now!